high speed hair dryer

Best wheeled standing hair dryer for salon use

This OlayerPro hooded high speed hair dryer is a perfect fit for salon duty. It has its wattage ranging up to 1600 watts which ensures its capacity for frequent salon use. It is incorporated with ionic technology which is enabled with a switch that will release tons of negatively charged ions to your hair allowing it to dry quicker than non-ionic ones. It is proven to be effective on damaged hair and controls frizz like a pro!

It has adjustable heat settings that allow three heating options: slow, medium and high. Use slow and medium for fine and medium thick hair. You may want to use the high heat settings for thick and curly hair. Its hating is very even and thus the whole experience is relaxing.

It has a sleek interior that can be easily cleaned after chemical hair treatments. Also, it has an adjustable height leveler for people as tall as 6 feet 3 inches! It also has five wheels which allow it to be moved from one place to another. Two of these wheels can be locked so that they do not move when in use. Overall, it is perfect for salon use. It is also great for home use.

Features Of Olayer Pro Ionic Hard-Hat Dryer

  • Technology: Ionic Technology
  • Wattage: 2000W
  • Voltage: Single Voltage
  • Weight: 16 pounds
  • Speed & Heat Settings: 2 Speed / 3 Heat Settings
  • Attachments: Not Available
  • Cool shot Facility: Available

3. Pibbs 514 Kwik Dri 1100W Salon Dryer – Most Durable Professional hooded high speed hair dryer for Salon use

This Pibbs 514 Kwik Dri hooded dryer is strongly built and robust great for salon use. Its interiors and exteriors are high quality and made in Italy which makes it quite durable. It comes with a wattage ranged up to 1100 which is great for a salon hairdryer.

It has a 0-60 minutes timer and a temperature control dialer that give scope to professionals to use its settings with more versatility and meet the customer’s needs.

It has a height adjustable stand with five wheels making it easy to move around. It’s 13” x 16” base keeps it steady when in use. Its attached dryer head visor protects your neck, face, and ears from heat and burns.

Overall, its durable exterior interior, adjustable settings, and quick drying mechanism have made it popular among salon professionals and informed home users.

Features Of Pibbs 514 Kwik Dri 1100W Salon Dryer

  • Technology: Not Available
  • Wattage: 1100W
  • Voltage: Single Voltage
  • Weight: 25.9 pounds
  • Speed & Heat Settings: Not Available
  • Attachments: Not Available
  • Cool shot Facility: Available