ceramic hair straightening iron

ceramic hair straightener

Presently, an ceramic hair straightener made from Olayer wholesale flat irons manufacturer. which has become an international best seller in ceramic flat irons over the last few years. It has left its competitors far behind when it comes to technological innovations and features. This airflow hair straightener made by Olayer hair styling tools manufacturer is the only known company that manufactures true ionic air hair straightener.

Ceramic air hair straightener

The newest introduced is the airflow ceramic ion hair straightener making it the sleekest and the narrowest available styling iron available these days. Amongst the latest innovative technologies utilized by Olayer hair straightener factory to the styling irons is Tourmaline technology and patented Nano Fuzion technology.

Tourmaline is a silicate crystal which is renowned for producing negative ions and far infrared heat much more than any other agent known. The company applied the crystal into its power packed machines and redesigned them into even better gadgets. Crushed tourmaline crystal retains all its features and added to the styling iron’s ceramic plates making then more powerful as far as features of far infrared and increased production of negative ions goes.

Crystals of tourmaline in natural state are known to increase moisture in substances and have mild electrical charge that produces 20 times more negative ions. Utilizing these capabilities of the crystals, the ceramic irons produced by FHI, increase the moisture content of the hair by locking up moisture whereas other styling irons have a drying effect on the hair.

Far infrared heat is safe heating as the heat reaches

The hair core instead of frizzing the outer layers of hair cuticles. With the result, hair is easily styled, making thick, coarse hair malleable and ready for fast styling. Powerful Nano Fuzion technology helps as Nano silver technology eliminates bacteria and fine micro particles of fungi while Nano Titanium and Nano titanium oxide reduce odors and seal hair cuticles safe guarding colored and damaged hair.

Integrated with high end PTFC heating technology,

This ceramic styling iron gets heated with in 5 to 10 second to any temperature that you set within 140 to 410 degrees F. With flexible even heating on ceramic panels due to Auto heat recovery sensors, the styling iron gets heated immediately after each application, even for long periods of time. With this new technology, FHI eliminates past problems of under heating and overheating irons which led to frizz and hot spots. Incredible heating and versatile usability of the iron makes it just the right choice for all styling requirements. It is just right for simple curls to straightening hair while challenging twists, flips and waves are a piece of cake too.

Enhanced with such improved technology, the ceramic panels are highly sophisticated and FHI guarantees no chipping or peeling of its styling iron as they are made from pure ceramic with Tourmaline crystals unlike other brands which just coat the iron plates with ceramic, just to sell them cheap. The narrow 4/10” ceramic panels are perfect for intricate styling of medium and short hair. However, it works well on long hair too. Olayer series of styling irons have this inherent feature of working well on wet to dry hair, so anytime, anywhere you can style your hair!

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