China FFP2 face mask company

Are you looking for an N95 FFP2 or FFP3 surgical face mask? Are you find any difficulty in getting these from American companies? Here we are. A China FFP2 Face Mask Company Dongguan Olayer Technology provide you the best quality respirator mask at a reasonable price. As the whole world is facing COVID-19 pandemic and the need for surgical face masks is prevailing everywhere. These respirators prevent the user from inhaling infectious agents, pollutants, aerosol, droplets, and airborne particles.In this crucial time when American base companies N95 respirator masks like FFP2 and FFP3 are the best-selling surgical masks in the world with EUROPEAN STANDARDS. But due to the lockdown and closing of most of the companies by governments, these surgical masks are not accessible from the UNITED STATES for everyone. So Chines companies tried to make their masks like FFP2 and FFP3 which meet the European standards. These Chines companies are now the world’s biggest surgical masks manufacturing factories that are delivering efficient services according to current increasing demands. 



Dongguan Olayer Technology is a FFP2 face mask manufacturer company in CHINA, established in 2004. This company provides surgical and medical types of equipment like plastic injection manufacturing molds, surgical equipment designs, mold design, metal stamping, silkscreen, PCB design, packaging, and many more. At the start, this company had 11 assembly tracks with a staff of 68 workforces. Most of the clients were from Japan, America, and Europe with 100 client satisfaction. The production capacity was observed from 80 tons to 2800 tons with different surgical products.

But in 2020 April, Mr. Hans-Juergen Kruse and Thomas. Zhang and SteveYang started manufacturing respirator mask N95, FFP2, and FFP3 and contact-free thermometers as this company already manufacturing molds of plastic injections, Infrared thermometers, and other surgical material.

Importance of respirator masks

Different studies reported the significance of how respirator masks are crucial in this pandemic of the Coronavirus. A study reported a person who had been infected within 15 seconds when he went to a grocery shop. So if a person had a respirator mask on his face he might not get infected. So wearing surgical masks N95, FFP2 and FFP3 are the necessity of the era. 

Special features

ü China base FFP2 and FFP3 respirator mask not only fulfill European Union EN 1492001=A1:2009 standard but also CHINA FACE MASK standard GB 2626-2006.

ü More than 1 Million production capacity of Folding N95, FFP2, FFP2, FFP3 and KN95 per day is observed 

ü Millions of orders of China base N95, FFP2, FFP2, FFP3, and KN95 delivered every week with efficient buyer satisfaction. 

ü We have a proper team of qualified expert engineers that assures the organization of each working projects and with all standards and efficient quality. These engineers design the products molds, OEM products, and components with their proper functioning. Testing of all products and types of equipment will be done by electrical engineers to ensure defect-free delivery of orders in massive production

ü Olayer FFP2 and FFP3 have certain features that should be mentioned on every mask.

  • The name of the manufacturer
  • Mask
  • The marking must fulfill with directive89/686/EEC on PPE
  • CE number of a certification body


These Chines masks fully meet European standards. Europe uses two standards which are different. The score (FFP) for “filtering facepiece” comes from standard EN 149:2001. Then the standard EN143 covers the P1 /P2/ P3 rating. Both of these standards are maintained by Olayer Chinese companies.

Olayer China company meets the European standards by a lab test, field test, and other requirements to attain the conformity of the masks. The following point should be examined.

  • Packaging
  • Material resistance to manipulation
  • Practically performed tests
  • Leakage: total leakage of inward and penetration of filter material


 FILTER CAPACITY (removes x% of all particles that are 0.3 microns in diameter or larger)


At least 80%


At least 94% 


At least 94%

Our Services

We provide you surgical masks and thermometer varieties.

ü In respirator masks varieties we provide you N95, FFP1, FFP2, FFP3, and disposable face masks range.

ü In thermometer we provide you No touch Infra-red thermometer, Baby Infra-red thermometer and Ear and forehead thermometer. 

ü We have checking devices, Engineering departments, and thermometer checking devices in our quality assurance department. 

Respirator FFP2 and FFP3

Respirator FFP2 is a tight-fitting mask. It provides two ways of protection, by filtering both outflow and inflow of the air. Such masks are designed to prevent the infection of healthcare workers in the epidemic situation of respiratory illness such as COVID-19. Such types of respirators are recommended for protection during aerosol-generating procedures (AGPs). Policy guidance from various bodies (e.g Public Health England and WHO) emphasis the need to use such respirators for that situation. FFP2 and FFP3 China face mask would be more effective and successful when worn with additional prescribed protection. FFP3 protects against aerosols, fumes, and toxic dust. The total rate of leakage is below 5%. It is fitted with a respirator shell that gives you high protection. 


ü It is evident that the Olayer China company provide respirator mask FFP2 and FFP3 alternative to American companies’ masks which are not approachable for everyone. In this crucial time, all the companies of the world should work together to achieve the increasing demand for surgical products. 

ü You are most welcome if you want to buy FFP2 China Company’s best quality mask by contacting us. You will be surely satisfied and happy with our services as Client Satisfaction is our foremost priority.